Sometime around July 2007: The Questioning, Doctor Who (John Smith).

16/1/2007: My word, it's been a long time. Two Seinfeld stories, one for the sitcomathon challenge, the other for Yuletide. They are, respectively, Close Encounters and All Good Things Come To Sticky Ends.

12/08/2006: A Doctor Who story, If You See Me Running, Find Some Gloves. For the Tenth Doctor Ficathon.

20/6/2006: My apologies for not updating. There are no new stories to report, save that the entire Kindle Fire With Snow series is posted: Kindle Fire With Snow's Index Page on livejournal.

3/4/2006: The second story in the Kindle Fire With Snow series has been published; see index page linked below. There is also a new fic in a new fandom: my first Sandman story, Strange and Beautiful.

7/2/2006: Kindle Fire With Snow's first story, Cannot Be Hid, is now fully posted. (Star Wars, Bail Organa/Obi-Wan)

1/1/2006: sorry for the long delay. I wrote a NaNo novel, but I have also written fic: Events To Be Served Cold, a Toby/Abbey West Wing fic, and To Kindle Fire With Snow, an epic Star Wars (Bail Organa/Obi-Wan Kenobi) story which I am posting weekly in my livejournal.

31/10/2005: three new stories, all written in September for the SW F-Q-F and only released for reposting yesterday: Not Changing My Mind, Red Lights Mean Go As Well As Stop, and Love's Laundry Lists. I expect to be more or less absent during November, due to NaNoWriMo, but will be back in December hopefully with a TWW Toby story for the ficathon and certainly, eventually, with a 30,000 word SW story (Obi-Wan/Bail Organa). See you then.

17/08/2005: okay, so much for monthly. But there is a new story, the co-written Who Watches The Watchers?, a manic crossover; and a link to Not Changing My Mind, a Qui-Gon/Mace entry for the SW F-Q-F should be mentioned, though it won't be posted outside that URL until after October 30th, when the exculsivity period ends.

30/6/2005: (gosh, I'm only just managing once a month here...) Three new stories: one more Doctor/Jabe, Five Things Which Didn't (In This Timeline) Happen At Jabe's Funeral; and two post-ROTS Obi-Wan focused stories, Journey's End (gen) and S.W.A.L.K. (slash, Obi-Wan/Bail, set in Jedi Rita's universe.)

9/5/2005: Five new stories, and a new fandom: Doctor Who, to be found on the 'other fandoms' page. The Doctor Who stories so far are Left Behind, a post-Rose fic about Mickey; To No Longer Be A Sapling, a angsty post-End of the World Doctor/Jabe story; and not dating, a brief not quick Doctor/Rose drabble. There are also a couple of HP drabbles, both vaguely Harry/Draco, called Daydreams (warning: violent imagery), and Planting. I'm also gradually switching over the ratings system.

20/3/2005: One more story, but in a new fandom: a West Wing tale, Drinks, Debates, and Darkness (Josh/Sam).

28/1/2005: Exams over, but I've had very little time to write. Just one story: Of Lollipops and Lovers, a Harry Potter/Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover for Shrift, on the occassion of her Birthday. Orignally posted in the slounger lj community.

29/11/2004: I am still alive, I just haven't had a lot of time for writing. Be patient.

6/9/2004: New this time: Another World (SG-1); Did You Ever... (Seinfeld); Cycle Of Time, Icon Drabbles, Just A Kiss, Hours Advance (Harry Potter); The Lord Of Misrule (M*A*S*H).

20/7/2004: A Realist Watches Her Friends is finally up, in it's full and amazing form. 

12/7/2004: Three new stories in HP. At the moment, though: Reading Sirius, Naming The Baby, and A Master Criminal. A Realist Watches Her Friends has been taken down for extensive re-writing, and should be back up in a few days. 

16/6/2004: Four new stories: in HP, which has been moved to its own page, Professor Lupin's (No So) Tough Night, A Realist Mediates On Her Friends; and in Stargate A Broken Life and Twelve Days of a Stargate Christmas.

21/5/2004: And one I couldn't post yesterday as nobody knew I wrote it, but has now had authorship revealed: The Night Before Christmas (Man on a Mission Remix).

20/5/2004: A reasonable large update: Stargate SG-1 has three new stories, Teal'c Speaks: On Rest, Old Enough, and Keeping Warm; there's a Stargate/Harry Potter crossover, Learned Whores, and a Star Trek: TOS challenge fic, My, What Long Legs You Have. Oh, and a M*A*S*H five minute fic, Time In The Hills. Enjoy!

22/4/2004: An apparently massive update because I've been saving it up. So there is: Radar's Showers (M*A*S*H), Morbid and Creepifying (Firefly), Just a Poor Boy and Nothing Like a Good Sneer (Harry Potter), Down In The Mouth (Minder) and last but not least the mutant baby Raven created, Those Big Dark Eyes (Stargate SG-1).

24/3/2004: A crazy month-- all I've really done is to add this little button: next to each of the M*A*S*H stories which have been nominated at The M*A*S*H slash awards. For obvious reasons, I strongly encourage you to go and vote.

22/2/2004: Five Scars That Identify Remus Lupin, The Love Letter List, and The Headmaster Ritual.

13/2/2004: Five Things That Never Happened To BJ Hunnicutt's Wedding Ring, for unlucky Friday 13th.

12/2/2004: A Most Unlikely Family, the Epic and Crazy Crossover I co-wrote with Raven, now posted.

26/1/2004: Commentary tracks for Extrapolating and Explaining, as requested by Leigh; and this site is now at http://am-chau.popullus.net, with geocites remaining for a while as a mirror.

12/1/2004: A Wandering Mind, Harry Potter, 20K. Unbetaed, but I don't see myself making big changes.

10/1/2004: So, I'm posting Superman Revealed, with the caveat that I might well want to edit it later. A Wandering Mind will be along soon, when it's had a beta pass or two.

2/1/2004: And now the authors have been revealed, I can post my Yuletide story: Letter Home.

1/1/2004: For the new year, my first entry to Slodwick's "A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words: Double Prints Edition": The Worth of Tessera.

31/12/2003: Two stories: the utterly sappy After The End (Lord of the Rings), and the dark and twisted Everybody Wins (Harry Potter).

11/12/2003: So, I've done NaNoWriMo and written some fic, but I haven't updated in ages. The only finished thing is Five Things That Never Happened To Mr. Gordo.

9/10/2003: Two news links to places that want to archive my little bit of fluffy Spike/Fred, and hopefully fixed a problem with a webring link. No stories, sorry. Maybe another time.

26/9/2003: Again, I'm sorry. School and all that. Five stories, three fandoms: in M*A*S*H, Not To Be Repeated Casually; in Smallville, Wrong Place, Avast! (arrr, that be for 19/9, International Talk Like A Pirate Day), and The Trouble With Parenthood; and in Star Wars, No Accident Happens Twice. Enjoy!

17/9/2003: Sorry it's been a while since I last updated; this school thing is sapping my fannish energies. Three challenge fics: one for my own Luke_and_Han list challenge, "Speak But One Rhyme"; one for the wednesday100, School is Dull; and one for Cindy's half-hour challenge, Show Don't Tell. And yes, they all begin with S. I don't know why, either.

6/9/2003: Five minute M*A*S*H fic, All That Is Good, and wednesday100 drabble, Just Good Friends. Also some rearrangement of the site: there's still the main fanfic page but now, instead of linking straight to all the stories in one long list, it links to four fandom pages (for Smallville, M*A*S*H, Buffy and Angel, and everything else-- including Star Wars and Firefly). This should make it a) easier to find what you want and b) easier for me to update (and that's quite easy, as I'm doing it the lazy FrontPage way already!). If you have a problem or you've got comments, amchau@popullus.net

2/9/2003: Five minute M*A*S*H fic, challenge set by Raven: The Henderson Kid; and five minute Star Wars fic, challenge set by me: Trapped.

28/8/2003: wednesday100: A Different Sort Of Child

23/8/2003: M*A*S*H five minute fic: Not Allowed.

21/8/2003: Another Smallville drabble: I'm Going to Get Lit Up (when the lights go on in Kansas...) Sorry it's been so long since I updated: holiday, exam results, life. M*A*S*H, Star Wars and looooong Smallville lurk in the background, to be written soon.

7/8/2003: My first Smallville drabble for the wednesday100, Television. I'm going to be away for a week beginning 9/8, so this is probably the last update until after I get back.

3/8/2003: Three new fics: Elements and Compounds, M*A*S*H five minute fic; Pon Farr: the Smallville remix, cliche challenge fic; and This is a Late Drabble, Buffy/Monty Python crossover.

28/7/2003: Nominated at Shattered Frames for Conversations With Dead People: Giles and A Night Out. Yay!

26/7/2003: Going Crazy, a M*A*S*H five-minute fic, and Love And Death in Smallville, the vamp!Lex Buffyverse crossover (filed under Smallville instead of crossovers because that's what it *feels* like, despite the Buffyverse content).

22/7/2003: Three stories, in three fandoms: Kiss? my first Smallville ever; You Don't Find Love, a mash100th drabble; and Crazy Days, a season 7 Spike/Xander thinglet.

12/7/2003: A Rare Sight-- another M*A*S*H five-minute fic. Although now I'm wondering about the title.

11/7/2003: Free Lunch, M*A*S*H five minute fic, and new counters.

1/7/2003: Leaving, and Hold Your Breath M*A*S*H five minute fics. And, if you're interested in my being-edited novel, see my LJ: http://www.livejournal.com/users/amchau.

26/6/2003: Conversations With Dead People: Giles, for Elena; Big Changes, for dreamtree; and Stay With Me, a Hawkeye/Sidney story.

20/6/2003: Three new stories: two drabbles, one M*A*S*H (Breaking Up) and one Buffyverse (Recharging); and a 'real' story in a new fandom, Firefly: Dreams.

13/6/2003: Two short stories: Once Upon A Time, for the five minute challenge, and It Had Been Good, the fic that makes people fear giving me challenges.

8/6/2003: Whipped Cream, another drabble for mash100th.

6/6/2003: Followed in short order by Games, yet another five-minute fic.

6/6/2003: Massive update: in M*A*S*H, the Explaining Series, now finished, edited, and with its own series page, and a five minute fic, The Same Thing; and in Buffy, Boys In The Basement, a mini-series of silly slashy stuff.

20/5/2003: My first Spred (Spike/Fred) story, written for the Buttery archive: Afterglow.

14/5/2003: A Star Wars/ Buffyverse crossover, Ooops! I Did It Again (originally written for the Bitches, I think) dug out of the back of my computer and posted, for the Inappropriate Crossover Challenge.

6/5/2003: More in M*A*S*H (Life Saver, Practical Jokes, and Enough), a Buffyverse drabble (Salt), and a whole new fandom: Starsky and Hutch. Just the one drabble at the moment (Late). Also, I have an original poem up at Forbidden Fruit, and some old Buffy/Spike stuff at the B/S Diaries.

21/4/2003: Another M*A*S*H story, another Buffyverse drabble, my Flashfic, and my remix.

18/4/2003: Lots of short M*A*S*H stories: I've reached 25 stories in that fandom now. Not bad, given that I've been writing them for less than a month.

7/4/2003: Also today, a long fic: Exsanguinating. It's M*A*S*H, it's NC-17, it's dark, and I'm quite proud of it.

7/4/2003: A few new fics, two in Buffyverse: Just One, and Running, both challenge-based drabbles; and a five-minute fic in M*A*S*H, Cracking.

1/4/2003: Added a link to Lily's wonderful archive. Has all the best M*A*S*H authors, and me.

28/3/2003: Two longish fics in M*A*S*H: Explaining and Unshockable. And, I got recced, for Various Versions. Whee!

26/3/2002: Added the 'Filks and Other Items of Questionable Quality' section, in the interests of semi-completeness and giving the world more things to make fun of me about.

23/3/2003: More fics in M*A*S*H fandom (Seduction of Innocents, Watching, Waiting, and What, Again?), and a page of slashy quotes from M*A*S*H.

15/3/2003: And another five minute fic! (Darkness)

8/3/2003: Another five-minute fic in M*A*S*H fandom (Emotional Blockage of the Oesophagus). Bless dear Raven, who sets them!

6/3/2003: More stories in M*A*S*H fandom. (A Big Camp Dance, During The Night, and I Don't Mind.)

1/3/2003: Stories up, and more to come as I write them. Also, I'm looking at joining fanlistings. They'll get their own page of banners.

28/2/2003: Stories to go up soon, in Buffy, Angel, Star Wars and M*A*S*H fandoms. Not the epic, not yet, but the other, shorter things.

14/1/2003 It's been a while- sorry about that. I've taken the story pages themselves down. Between beta reading of the story, and need to renovate the layout of them, I felt it was time. I've also added a site meter throughout, and I may soon be posting the Buffistas general Buffy FAQ here.

20/12/2002 Slightly late, I've got around to posting the picture TopazAngel made me on the front page. I'll probably move it to somewhere else in a few weeks, but for now it should have pride of place. Thanks, Topaz!

16/12/02 I have a new website (The Sinking Grapefruit) which has taken a little more of my time than is fair these last day or two. Meanwhile, people continue to read and help me work on my epic D!Cv, and I finally posted a second chapter to A Bun In The Oven.

12/12/2002 Sorry it's been a while: much beta reading has been happening, especially by the wonderful PMM, and I've been working hard on that. Topaz, wonderful person that she is, has also made me a banner (see the Links page for details).

29/11/2002 Joined the Shippers United Webring. We'll see if it works out.

28/11/2002 Finished writing the D!Cv! It's 225 pages long, and more people have volenteered to beta it (P., amych, I love you!). There should, therefore, be the rest coming fairly soon!

(various updates deleted for space reasons)

7/11/2002 I'm now on several webrings and have started the affliated mailing list, for my updates notices but especially for discussion and other people's fanfic about Spike and Giles- I felt it was time they had a list all to themselves!

6/11/2002 Have submitted for consideration to join a web ring and created a guest book and a forum. Not bad, eh? Please sign, visit, etc.

5/11/2002 I've written another story, read it at http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=1049857. I'm not putting my general stuff here for the time being. Also linked the home page to more pages.

3/11/2002 More recs again. More story will be coming soon, I promise. Just let me have it betaed.

1/11/2002 More recommendations added in the links section.

31/10/2002 Chapters updated to 23, with extra thanks to Es. Also sorted out a small bug I had with the homepage, and added hit counter.

First published 30 October 2002- first 12 chapters of the Demon!Cuddleverse, very little else.


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