The Explaining Series

by Am-Chau Yarkona

Overall rating: NC-17. Warnings on separate chapters.
Pairing: Threesome, BJ/Hawkeye/Peggy (don't worry, it does build up to it. Hawkeye/BJ is assumed, as is Peggy/BJ, but the final leap is not.)

Disclaimer: M*A*S*H, Hawkeye, BJ, even Peggy and Erin are not mine. There are original characters here, which technically I own, and I've got some claim to the story line, though it's doubtless influenced by everything I've ever read or watched. I make no profit from this except for the pleasures of feedback and working through my issues with characters who have more sex than I do.

Thanks are due to my beta readers, especially iolanthe; my inspirations and background help, especially Deena; and the woman who e-mailed me every day and kept talking about this story, Britt Rose. This wouldn't be here without them.

Total length: 44,400 words. Isn't that a pretty number?


1: Explaining
It's the nineteen eighties, and someone has been asking questions. (6400 words)

2: Exsanguinating
Some problems are worked through. Warning: this is where it's really NC-17. Suicide attempt. (7900 words)

3: Exasperating
Stuff happens. Drink is drunk. Stuff gets worse. Plans get made. (4200 words)

4: Exploring
Travel, vomit, dancing, and kissing. Also driving and diary writing. (7100 words)

5: Exhibiting
Hawkeye's family get visited. Information is imparted, and luckily it doesn't stop the wedding. (4200 words)

6: Extrapolating
Things try to be normal, but Hawkeye's not ready for that yet. Yes, Lyle's the guy from season 2 episode "Springtime". You'll remember. Warning: more sex, of the explicit sort. (8300 words)

7: Explained
For our narrative convenience, Erin steps in again. The loose ends are tied up, and we get one last talk. (5500 words)


(Bonus extra: Commentary on Extrapolating; and NEW! Commentary on Explaining.)

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