Am-Chau Yarkona's Fanfic Stories (and other disasters of like nature)


Okay, folks.

First, the disclaimers.

One: The stories here feature characters who do not belong to me. I make no profits from these stories.

Two: The stories here all have warnings- rating, pairing, any offensive content. If they upset you, that's your lookout-- anything that might be unsuitable for children has a PICS label, and will be rejected by a correctly-installed protective software if it is outside the limits set.

See a page about ratings.

All savvy? Goody goody.

Enjoy these? I don't yell or bite. Usually.


Fic is now arranged by fandom, thusly:

Smallville [12]

M*A*S*H [53]

Buffy and Angelverse [29]

Harry Potter [14 and 2 crossovers]

Star Wars [10]

Other fandoms
(Doctor Who [6], Harry Potter [2 crossovers], Firefly [2], The West Wing [2], Stargate SG-1 [6 and a crossover], Seinfeld [3], plus one each of: Starsky and Hutch, Star Trek: TOS, Minder, the Sandman, and Discworld [crossover with Harry Potter]. The term, people, is "scarlet collar fan".)