Ratings used on this website

Following some upsets about the MPAA not liking people using their system (not that I was using exactly their system anyway), I've decided to break from that type of coding entirely, for something more intuitive. What follows is a brief explaination of the system, inculding some comments on how it does and doesn't relate to their system.

1. harmless
This suggests that anyone can read it, as far as I'm concerned. That doesn't mean that it isn't fanfic, that it doesn't include homosexuality, or that it's happy; just that it's not sexual or violent. It might loosely equate to a G.

2. fairly harmless
This suggests that you can read it unless you're extremely easily upsettable. If you're four, you might want Mummy or Daddy to check it for scary bits. Perhaps in the PG range.

3. quite harmless
This suggests that you can read it if you're old enough to be allowed to pick your own books in the library; on my old system, this rated this were usually called PG-13.

4. mild
This suggests that anyone in their mid-teens can probably read it; there might be mentions of sex, but it's not explicit. If you're looking for age guidance, around 15.

5. adult
This suggests that if you're upset by adult things-- sex, drinking to excess, violence-- you should probably steer clear of it. In the R kind of range.

6. very adult
This suggests itself to you as the ideal rating if you're looking for text porn. Or lots of violence. The PICS labels for these stories usually use the term 'NC-17' still, because that's what everyone else is using.

(Dear MPAA, if you happen access this site, please be informed that I have no intention of corrupting your trademarks or trading on your good name. I'd like to direct you, however, to the debate in Private Eye at the end of 2004 over the trade name 'Portakabin', which, frankly, everyone uses these days instead of 'that temporary thing you use as a classroom or an office these days'.)