A Most Unusual Family; or, Traditional Wizarding Holidays.

by Am-Chau Yarkona (amchau@popullus.net) and Raven (loneraven@livejournal.com) ; being a Fanfic of most Wonderous and Strange kind ; in which may be Found a Tale of such High Adventures as are Fitting and Proper to Wizards, Wizzards, and Witches.

Thanks are due to Deena for the beta. There is a prequel of sorts, Minimal Grounds for Disaster, which may be enjoyed either before or after this self-contained story.

The rating be of R; the warnings be of mpreg; and the footnotes be forged of pure insanity. Beware, and enjoy!

Prologue: A Tradition In Wizarding Circles

Chapter One: Pronouns Have Become More Complicated

Chapter Two: A Flavour of Ankh-Morpork

Chapter Three: The Concept of Motherhood

Chapter Four: L-Space, or, A Night's Work Over Many Years

Chapter Five: A Romantic Breakfast For Twelve (With Horsemeat)

Chapter Six: If It Looks Like a Duck

Chapter Seven: Contemplation of the Situation

Chapter Eight: Bookworms Unite

Part Two

Chapter Nine: What A Wonderful World

Chapter Ten: Roundworld Geography

Chapter Eleven

Chapter Twelve: A Charming Memory of Adultery

Chapter Thirteen: Foreigners

Chapter Fourteen: Bureaucracy

Chapter Fifteen: Home Is Where The Comfortable Beds Are

Chapter Sixteen: Unexpected Purchases

Epilogue: Morning In Ankh-Morpork


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