Hi! I'm Am-Chau Yarkona. Welcome to my general fandom and fanfic homepage! There are quite a few colours, and lots of fanfic, but nothing very fancy in the way of javascript etc, so all you need is an open mind, a love of fanfic including slash, though I do write het and gen as well, and- well, a good dictionary might help. 

The characters who appear in these pages are, largely, not mine. I make no profit from these works, I write them out of love for the canons and desire to explore new subjects as well as to learn to improve my writing, and no infringement of copyright is intended. 

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At last count, there were 18 fandoms, approximately 90 guys and girls, and 166 stories.

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effulgent a. 1738 shining forth brilliantly; diffusing intense light; radiant

eclectic a. & n. (Ancient philosopher) selecting from each school of thought such doctrines as please him; (person, doctrine) borrowing freely from various sources; not exclusive in opinion, taste, etc.


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